Application Landscape Management

Effective Application Management is multi faceted:-

♦ Responding to the needs of the business:- enabling an organisation to utilise applications that give them the competitive edge.

♦ Providing capabilities a business requires to excel:-identify opportunities to automate the mundane, repetitive tasks.

♦ Providing effective application management to optimise the application landscape: -  by de-duplicating functionality and reducing silos and bottlenecks.

This exercise need not be difficult, especially if there is a simple method that enables the easy population of key data for an effective application management.

This paper examaines the various aspects of application management. 

It examines how the enterprise architecture tools on the market can help store all the information relating to your applications and present a single organised view of all the information relating to each application. It then goes on to look at the benefits of using a tool to manage this analysis, notably the fact that the underlying Metamodel enables powerful querying and reporting functionality to quickly bring all information to your fingertips.

Application Landscape:- Download PDF


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Application Landscape Management