Comparing DSDM and TOGAF

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This is a paper produced by The Open Group and DSDM comparing the two frameworks.

As businesses continue to merge with other companies, grow and change to respond to change there is a need to ensure business, data, applications and technology all work well together.

This is a constant challenge – ensuring the business is optimised to meet the challenges and that the business IT is aligned with business goals and drivers.

Over the years many advocates of different methodologies promote their methodologies – each convinced that a certain methodology ticks all the boxes.  Some programmes still fail – is the missing link fitting a framework/technology to an organisation?

Is it now time to blend methodologies and frameworks, as required, to suit business needs?  Is it feasible to let organisational culture, ways of working, outside factors, influence what works for an organisation, whilst still applying ‘tailored frameworks’?

This paper looks at particular strengths, weaknesses and compatibilities between Agile and TOGAF.  This gives a reader the opportunity to then work out which elements of each methodology work together to meet business goals and drivers by finding the most effective tools and methods that will fit YOUR organisation – at this particular time, level of maturity and outside influences. 

By using a combination of the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) Framework and The Open Group Architecture Framework, the combination can help discover what architecture is currently in place, what architecture is needed that supports technology diversity and flexibility, and aid the projects defined for implementing the chosen architecture.

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Comparing DSDM and TOGAF