EA, Enterprise Architecture Governance Course

Course Description

This course provides an overview of the policies, processes, and procedures, through which EA supports the decision-making process of an organisation with the following further objectives:

•    To provide an overview of IT governance models and frameworks
•    To outline how IT Governance is supported by EA governance
•    To understand the supporting policies, metrics and reports

Target Audience

This course is designed for CIOs, EA Stakeholders, Technology Managers and Enterprise Architects.


A basic understanding of Enterprise Architecture is required for this course.
Length of Course
2 days


The course will begin at 09.00 and end at 17.00.
There will be a lunch break and further short breaks in the morning and afternoon.

Course Topics

•    Governance Fundamentals
•    Levels of Governance and Partitioning
•    CSFs of effective governance
•    IT Governance Frameworks
•    The Enterprise Architecture Governance Process
•    Architecture Principles, Policies, Standards
•    Contractual governance
•    Governance Maturity
•    Identification, development, modelling, and integration of strategic goals, initiatives, and measures
•    Function of an EA Centre of Excellence
•    Key Metrics, Performance Management and reporting
•    Leadership and Decision Making for Enterprise Architecture
•    Governance and Compliance

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EA, Enterprise Architecture Governance Course